Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So I went on my very first road trip in my little RAV4 all the way up to Idaho by myself :) I was kinda nervous because I had never actually been the one driving for the whole way, I usually drive about an hour maybe 2 or 3 hours if I'm lucky so 10 and a half hours was a little scary. That and I have never driven straight to Idaho on my way up to school. I have always gone over to Utah to see my Gramps and then up from there. So totally new experience. So I snapped some photos while I was driving they are all really bad because I was driving and its through the windshield, which to be honest wasn't very clean...

My Car all packed and ready to go (oh and newly tinted windows)

The Budweiser Building on I-25

Long straight road in WY not much there to keep you awake

Ooooh look some animals!

Pretty mountain scene near the Hoback River

Finally! Idaho

Palisades all covered in Ice and Snow

In Swan Valley I think...

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